Living Nutrition Organic Fermented Rhodiola 60 Caps

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Rhodiola is sometimes known as ‘arctic root’ or ‘golden root’ and has been revered for centuries as a traditional remedy to support energy levels and a positive mood. It is also known as an adaptogen that can support the body’s ability to adapt to and resist the effects of stress on the nervous system.

Fermenting rhodiola root is the best way of activating the compounds within it and produces a highly bioavailable living synergy of micronutrients with an enhanced nutrient profile.

Living Nutrition Organic Fermented Rhodiola contains the full spectrum of nutrients, enzymes, and bioactive compounds of this amazing root. It is a fully live nutritional tonic to support harmony and resilience against everyday stresses.

Its balancing properties make it ideal for emotional health and that over-active mind, and for steady energy levels, especially as part of physically active or ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles.


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