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About Us

We are group of five independent health store based in Finchley, Harpenden, Marlow, Newbury and Welwyn Garden City.

At Zenhealthfoods, we offers a wide range of health food products to cater to the needs of health-conscious buyers. With a commitment to promoting well-being, we focus on providing high-quality, organic, and natural food options to its customers.

From our free delivery and guaranteed same day dispatch to our dedicated Customer Services team and qualified Nutritionists, we want you to experience total satisfaction.

You will find an extensive selection of nutritious products that encompass various dietary preferences and requirements. Whether you follow a vegan, gluten-free, paleo, or keto diet, Zenhealthfoods has you covered. The shop offers an array of organic, gluten-free grains, plant-based proteins, healthy snacks, superfoods, and much more.

With a focus on sustainability, we strives to source products from ethical suppliers who prioritize eco-friendly practices and fair-trade principles.

We aim to educate buyers by providing detailed product descriptions, nutritional information, and helpful tips for incorporating healthy foods into daily routines. Whether you're new to the world of health foods or a seasoned wellness enthusiast, Zenhealthfoods is dedicated to helping you make informed choices and discover new and exciting options to support your health and vitality.