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Moisturizing Before Bed

Your skin age depends on how you cater to all its needs to remain pumped, healthy and fresh. Deep cleaning of your skin to reduce signs of ageing, like wrinkles, loss of skin, hyper-pigmentation, and clogged pores, helps the skin breathe better and glow from the inside. Skin health is a very necessary topic to focus on if looking to get better-looking skin and combating long and short-term skin issues. While keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day is a task in itself, making sure you perform your nighttime skincare routine is equally important. It helps with gentle nourishment through the night and is a lengthy process.

But the question that several people do not know the answer to is should you moisturize your face at night? This article provides more information about this.

Common Skin Issues

As you age, your skin starts becoming visibly thinner and more translucent, which can be termed as signs of ageing. Skin conditions like elastosis, where the skin appears leathery, can also be seen in people who spend a lot of time in the sun. So over time, with age, your skin starts to develop some similar signs of ageing and developing allergies, irritability, and diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, from underlying body/health issues.

The most noticeable change can be seen in a women’s skin at the time of menopause, but the skin starts to age as soon as middle age. This is what improves the requirement of a proper skincare regime and a dire need for moisturization, to protect the delicate and soft exterior layers by forming a protective skin barrier.

The night is an ideal time to rejuvenate and nourish your mind with all the therapeutic skin care practices, hence inculcating a skincare routine in your nighttime practices, enhancing your blood flow, and helping the skin repair overnight.

Let’s get Moisturizing

The intention when moisturizing is to ensure that every pore and crack and dry area on your skin, which forms a cavity in the skin layer, is evenly covered with the moisturizer. This helps it perform deep repair of your skin cavities over a period.

Before starting with the moisturization process, it is essential to ensure that you start with a clean surface, that is to say, make sure your skin is properly washed and cleaned before application.

Here are a few tips for the same:

1. A gentle face-wash or a light scrub before moisturizing helps in cleaning out the additional dirt on the external skin layer allowing the crème to penetrate deep within; make sure that you use only light skin scrubbing to activate the skin cells and clean it, without causing any kind of skin irritation.

2. It is believed that soaps cause your skin to dry out by taking away its natural oils, instead of gently cleaning the skin, and hence it is recommended to use cleansers or face-washes for your facial skin and not your regular body soaps.

3. Adding moisturization as an important part of your routine before bedtime, creates more hydrated and better-looking skin, by making the skin soft and plump, the next day. The moisturization helps to lock in the moisture of your face, not letting any dirt pass through the layer, hence not causing any harm to your skin. 

So, for the next time you go to bed, don’t forget to put on that moisturizer, for softer, younger-looking skin, the next morning! And if you are looking for quality Night cream & Oil products to help you maintain your skin in day-to-day life you can order it from Zenhealth, the trusted brand. 

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