Lamberts Multi-Guard® High Strength

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If you are looking for a high potency multi formula then we highly recommend multiguard® as the best for both potency and spread of nutrients. It is probably the most comprehensive one-a-day multi vitamin and mineral formula on the market and is suitable for all adults. All the vitamins in this product are present at relevant potencies making it a useful product where a medium to high potency b complex is needed along with excellent levels of the antioxidants vitamins c and e and double the vitamin d content of most multis. It is the trace minerals in multiguard® however that have made this product so popular with practitioners. Few if any multivitamin and mineral products have such a broad spectrum of trace minerals present at relevant levels even though research shows these vital nutrients are as important and essential as vitamins. Of particular note is the level of selenium and chromium that have been included that greatly exceeds the levels found in most one-a-day formulas. Multiguard® now also contains our unique blend of plant compounds from green tea rosemary and oregano extracts which provides 625 orac units per tablet.


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