Enzymedica BeanAssist

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•Fast-acting formula
•Helps break down beans, cabbage, broccoli and •other gas-inducing foods*
•Reduces occasional gas, bloating and discomfort*
•Contains the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase for breaking down complex carbs into easier-to-digest sugars* Enjoying a great meal with beans and related food doesn’t need to lead to discomfort.

Foods like beans, cabbage and broccoli can be tough to digest, leading to gas and bloating, but with help, the gut can make short work of them. The reason why our bodies have trouble digesting these compounds is that we may not produce enough enzymes necessary to break them down into more easily digestible carbohydrates. Fortunately, the natural enzyme alpha-galactosidase is perfectly designed to break down these starches and polysaccharides found in legumes, grains and vegetables.

When supplementing with an alpha-galactosidase enzyme, as is found in BeanAssist, your body has the firepower it needs to digest beans, grains and vegetables, and prevent uncomfortable gas and bloating before it starts. * BeanAssist’s fast-acting enzymes help the gut break down complex carbs before they become a problem.


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