Living Nutrition Organic Fermented Red Ginseng 60 Caps

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Red ginseng is one of the most widely used adaptogenic herbs and highly valued as a health tonic in Asian cultures. It’s root is rich in many active plant compounds and it has been traditionally used to uplift and invigorate.

Fermenting red ginseng is the best way of activating the compounds within it and produces a highly bioavailable living synergy of micronutrients with an enhanced nutrient profile while retaining the original energetic intentions of the plant. Research shows that fermenting the herb increases polyphenols and antioxidant acidity as well as significantly improving bioavailability. It is a fully live nutritional tonic to revitalise and rebalance.

Organic Fermented Red Ginseng is considered the most potent herbal adaptogen, rich in valuable micronutrients, enzymes, and full-spectrum compounds to bring balance and harmony to the body during demanding periods.


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