Lamberts Ubiquinol 100µg 60 Capsules

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Ubiquinol is the reduced active form of co-enzyme q10 (ubiquinone). And like co-enzyme q10 it is critical to the cellular atp (energy) production cycle. Without the presence of both of these within the body’s cells cellular energy cannot be generated or sustained. The only way to increase ubiquinol levels in the body was until recently from the conversion of it from co-enzyme q10 which research has shown becomes increasingly difficult with age. It has taken scientists over a decade to produce ubiquinol for use in supplements and now several years after this success we are delighted to include it in the lamberts® range. Co-enzyme q10 will continue to be an important supplement for many. The pre-converted form of co-enzyme q10 ubiquinol will however be of greater significance for those of 40 years plus or those affected by age-related health conditions due to its enhanced absorption.


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