Lamberts Oracomega® 120 Capsules

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The health benefits of omega 3s supplements only exist if the fatty acids are not oxidised. This is prevented in supplements by careful processing and the exclusion of air by the capsule shell. However once the omega 3s have been absorbed into the bloodstream they risk being oxidised by highly reactive ‘free radicals’ turning them from good unsaturated fats into unhealthy saturated fats. The body naturally stops this from happening by producing antioxidants which neutralise the free radicals. Many useful antioxidants are nutrients that we obtain from our food and increasingly the effectiveness of each antioxidant is being measured in oxygen radical absorbance capacity (orac) units for comparison. Interestingly certain plant phenolic compounds appear to be more effective antioxidants than vitamins c and e. Oracomega® combines a potent level of these plant antioxidants (from green tea rosemary and oregano extracts) with our pure fish oil to create a unique high potency product.


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