Lamberts Betaine HCl 324µg/Pepsin 5µg 180 Tablets

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This product provides additional acidity to the stomach since betaine hcl releases hydrochloric acid after swallowing the same acid that is produced naturally by the stomach. These tablets are designed to dissolve in the stomach where the acidity is required. As we age our natural production of hydrochloric acid can decline but its importance for the breakdown of food in the gut remains unchanged. Hydrochloric acid has several different functions; for example it sterilises the ingested food and activates a powerful enzyme called pepsin that breaks down protein as well as allowing vitamin b12 to be extracted from foodstuffs. Daily intake: 1 to 3 tablets. Read the cautions. Lamberts quantity – 180 tablets betaine hcl 324mg /pepsin 5mg.


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