Lamberts Vitamin C 1000µg + Bioflavonoids

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Vitamin C being one of the fragile water-soluble nutrients is highly unstable and easily destroyed by heat and light and it is not always possible to be sure how much is taken in the diet. Our dailyrequirement for it is higher than for any other water-soluble vitamin. Lamberts® vitamin c 1000mg tablets are one of our most popular forms of vitamin c. These tablets also contain a relevant level of bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids have been the focus of research asthey appear to be used by the body in a number of ways; in particular they support vitamin c in the role it plays in the maintenance of healthy collagen and cartilage for the normal function of the skin gums and the immune system. Individual bioflavonoids include rutin quercetin citrin and hesperidin. Lamberts quantity – 60 tablets vitamin c 1000mg.


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