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This autumn B.Green, Healthy & Wise and Healthy Stuff Stores are in Finchley, Harpenden and Marlow are joining the launch of the inaugural Indy Health Week – a week designed to help the nation live healthier lifestyles and raise awareness of how indpendent health stores can help.

From the 23rd to the 31st of October, the week-long campaign – launched by leading ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition – will celebrate the nation’s independent health stores, honouring their contribution as a first line of defence in keeping us well.

Like all health stores, B.Green, Healthy & Wise and Healthy Stuff Stores have long championed the importance of self-care in body and mind; the abundance of pure, health-giving ingredients that our planet provides – and the need to work in harmony with nature.  

The campaign is backed by three-time London Marathon winner Paula Radcliffe MBE, who has been a lifelong advocate of independent health food stores.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be involved in Indy Health Week and supporting local independent health stores. Over the past 18 months, I think people have become more invested than ever in supporting their health through the right diet and supplementation, quality sleep and by making positive lifestyle choices – all things which are championed by independent health stores.

Paula said

“It was through advice from local health stores that I learned the vital components of a healthy diet to support my lifestyle, especially in the areas of sport, studying and recovery.”

As part of the campaign, people can download a voucher from the Indy Health Week website ( and visit their local independent health food store to get a free ‘Foundations of Nutrition’ sample pack worth over £20. Supplied by Viridian Nutrition, the packs include 3 supplements and a book written by qualified nutritionist Jenny Carson. They will be available to collect at B.Green, Healthy & Wise and Healthy Stuff Stores from 23rd to 31st October.

Harpenden and Marlow of B.Green Store, Healthy & Wise Store and Healthy Stuff Store said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to join the Indy Health Week campaign to support people in the community with achieving their healthier lifestyle goals.

“Indy Health Week is a great opportunity to come in and learn how making positive lifestyle adjustments to diet, exercise and sleep can help with long-term health and wellbeing, an area we feel very passionate about.

“It also serves as an introduction to everything healthy, sustainable and planet-friendly from wholefoods, vitamins, organics to Fairtrade, vegan, cruelty-free products and much more. Above all, the campaign highlights that health food stores can work alongside the healthcare system and provide personalised solutions for people’s specific needs.”

Cheryl Thallon, Founder and Managing Director of Viridian Nutrition, said: “After the last 18 months and the increased focus on health, the campaign will raise awareness of how health stores can support the work of the NHS and help people to reach better health through diet, exercise, sleep and lifestyle interventions that can make a proactive difference. 

“Shockingly, data shows that many people use Google to learn about their health and they go online to research conditions affecting them. This information can be incorrect and unreliable so Indy Health Week will promote independent health food stores and the expertise they can offer.”

Indy Health Week was created to encourage people to visit the UK’s independent health stores to aid healthy lifestyles: many chronic health conditions can be improved or even avoided through lifestyle adjustments with diet, exercise, and sleep. These stores promote self-care, offering a first point of call for a range of ailments, and have become increasingly vital as the healthcare system continues to deal with the effects of the pandemic. To discover more about Indy Health week, find your nearest store and pick up your free seven-day Foundations of Nutrition pack, head to


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