Cura Nutrition Vitamin K2-7+ 60 Capsules

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The primary role of vitamin K2 is to activate vitamin K-dependent proteins (VKDPs) so they can perform essential functions in the body, such as supporting bone production, cardiovascular health, energy production and brain health.

Given these major health benefits it could be said that Vitamin K2 is one of the most important dietary supplements available to us, because Vitamin K2 is not typically found in sufficient quantities in our diet.

Cura Vitamin K2-7+ is the first vitamin K2 supplement available in the UK retail market to use the pharmaceutical grade MenaQuinGold® K2-7 ingredient. This Cura Nutrition formulation has been created to include a therapeutic dose of 320 mcg of vitamin K2-7, plus 200 mcg of Vitamin K1 and the necessary co-factors, magnesium and zinc to allow these K vitamins to function at their optimal level.

Whilst many vitamin K2 products on the market are either synthetic or soy-based the MenaQuinGold® K2-7 ingredient used in Cura Vitamin K2-7+ is sourced from a pharmaceutical grade ingredient that has been manufactured from fermented chickpeas.
Cura Vitamin K2-7+ is an all-natural pharmaceutical-grade K2-7 supplement has
No Binders or Fillers
•K2-7 Potency 100% Guaranteed


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